Odoo 11 komt eraan!

What's new?

During the Odoo Experience 2017 on October 5, Odoo 11 will be launched. Odoo has indicated that version 11 will receive a few new modules, but mainly many improvements. We are so curious about what this version will bring us, that we have already started investigating. This is what we discovered.

Odoo Studio V2

Odoo Studio version 2 view

For the newcomers, Odoo Studio is the Odoo application that allows you to customize the existing Odoo Apps, such as changing fields or menus, without any code knowledge! Even better, you can create new applications in your Odoo database!

The Odoo Usability team has improved the entire interface and user experience of this powerful App. You can also now drag and drop new fields into your screen and undo your changes. Furthermore, you can also create and edit calendar, Gantt, pivot table views. The icons of the App are more customizable; You can even use your own icons! 

Sales dashboard

The sales dashboard has been renewed and provides a direct overview for every sales team! As a seller, you immediately want a good overview, and now Odoo gives you that. The charts are easily customizable and provide insight into sales, billing or leads, over time or per salesperson.

And here too, Odoo shows the power of integration. If you have also installed the Point of Sale, The webshop and the Odoo eBay Connector, you will also see these sales directly on your dashboard. This gives you a really complete picture of all your company's sales!

Odoo for service companies

If you provide services and work based on hours, Odoo 11 provides valuable improvements. Odoo adds, among other things, overviews to display billability.

Odoo for service companies

Marketing automation

Version 11 brings a whole new marketing automation tool which makes it easier to set up Marketing campaigns and to enter into automated interactions with your lead.

Odoo Marketing Automation Campagn

Website appointments

Make your calendar available on the Odoo website. You can indicate which block times you are available for appointments.
Visitors to your website can request an appointment during these block hours. Of course, you have to accept this.
Ideal for planning a sales demo, for example.

SMS Send messages

In Odoo 11 a framework has been added for sending SMS messages. Odoo has created the first application to send appointment reminders via SMS.

Odoo iPhone iOS App

It was already promised to us with version 1, but after a year of testing with the Android App, Odoo 11 is now really coming out with an iOS App for the iPhone.

New in Odoo 11: explanation per Odoo App

Odoo has made many improvements to its Apps. We turned Odoo inside out and found this:

Odoo CRM

  • The phone number is now automatically formatted based on the country of the contact. Finally, all phone numbers are listed in the same way.

  • Instead of one address line, it is now divided into the street name, house number and an addition.

  • When entering a relation, Odoo automatically retrieves the logo and website address of the company.

  • You can now classify companies into sectors in which the companies operate.

  • The VAT number has been moved to the main screen

Odoo Sales

  • You can now enter a version number of the product

  • The menu has been modified and there is now a Catalog menu to access the products

  • Sales teams have been changed to sales channels

  • Better support for selling services.

Odoo Accounting

  • Automatic debit is added

  • SEPA Batch payments will be added

Odoo Marketing

  • New mass mailing templates

  • Better selection possibility of relations

Odoo Projects

  • You can now merge 2 tasks

  • You can now add activities to a task or issue

  • Technical: Issues and tasks are combined in 1 model

Odoo Helpdesk

  • Time registration on helpdesk tickets

  • Merging tickets

Odoo Employees (HR)

  • Time off days are now processed in your timesheets

  • Send the employee an email if the timesheet has not been completed on time

  • Send manager an email to approve timesheet 

Odoo E-Commerce

  • You can now create promotional campaigns and offer vouchers

  • You can now compare products in the webshop

  • You can now add products to your wish list

  • A rating system in the Odoo Website chatter

  • Product specification section based on product variants and features

  • Determine the visibility of the products to be sold based on the stock

Kassa (POS)

  • Price list support 


  • JavaScript Unit testing is now possible

  • Odoo 11 supports Python version 3

  • ​You can now receive GitHub notifications in the Odoo Discussion App

  • Procurement orders expire. A purchase order or production order is now created directly from a sales order. In the event of an error, you will also see this immediately with the sales order in the chatter.


  • The current Odoo portal, where customers can view outstanding quotes, orders and invoices, was always combined with an Odoo website. Now the portal is also possible without Odoo website.


  • Now change the background of Odoo. For example, you can place your company logo in the background.

  • You can now choose from multiple order and invoice layouts

  • The menu structures of almost all Apps have been made clearer

  • With wide screens, the chatter is now on the right and no longer at the bottom

  • New settings pages for a better overview of the Odoo settings and possibilities

  • You can now change the name of your report when you download it

  • A user now receives all chatter messages in his Odoo Inbox OR via email. Both are no longer possible. External relations always receive the messages by e-mail.

  • Drag and drop attachments into chatter messages


Wow! Odoo 11 promises to be a great version that already makes us happy. Odoo continues to amaze us by adding important features, but in a simple and user-friendly way.

Odoo 11 komt eraan!
Erwin van der Ploeg 2 juli 2017
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