Mis geen verkoopkansen!

Moderne organisaties zorgen ervoor dat hun verkopers met Odoo worden verrijkt met allerlei voor hen relevante informatie.

Traditionally, salespeople get the leads generated by mailings or back office acquisitions. Sellers then try to close the deal. An outdated method! Modern organizations ensure that their salespeople are enriched with all kinds of information that is relevant to them. This way, no sales opportunity is missed.

Met een modern eWith a modern and modular CRM system, salespeople have direct insight into numerous matters. Not only about orders, quotations and current customer data, but they also have online insight into whether certain products are in stock or what the delivery time is.n modulair opgebouwd CRM-systeem hebben verkopers direct inzicht in tal van zaken. Niet alleen over orders, offertes en actuele klantgegevens, maar ze hebben ook online inzicht of bepaalde producten op voorraad zijn of anders wat de levertijd is.

A practical example. A visitor to your website has completed a contact form. Your salesperson can then see exactly which pages the prospect has visited and what his interests are. Valuable information! Another practical example. If someone leaves an email address in the contact form, Odoo will collect all information available from the internet, for example through a LinkedIn profile. Odoo automatically finds out where the visitor works, what his position is, how big the company is, in which industry the organization operates and so on. Based on that information, salespeople can influence the sales process, because they simply know a lot about the person they are sitting in front of. In fact, Odoo gives a 360 degree view about the person and the company. As a result, a salesperson can also make better decisions and keep a grip on his or her activities. In short, make wise decisions about succession, sales forecasting and easily filling the sales pipeline. 

Uiteraard kan Odoo helpen bij new business, mOf course Odoo can help with new business, but certainly also for converting sales with existing customers. With the latter you can use Odoo to see what a customer has ordered and how that compares to previous years. But your salesperson can also see whether the customer has often been in contact with customer service and how often the customer has been visited by an account manager. With Odoo, your seller has all this data. And if a salesperson leaves and a new salesperson takes over, the transfer of customers with Odoo is arranged by default. So no valuable customer and sales data is lost!aar zeker ook voor het converteren van sales bij bestaande klanten. Bij dat laatste kun je met Odoo zien wat een klant heeft besteld en hoe dat zich verhoudt met vorige jaren. Maar ook kan je verkoper zien of de klant vaak contact heeft gehad met de klantenservice en hoe vaak de klant door een accountmanager is bezocht. Met Odoo beschikt jouw verkoper over al deze gegevens. En als een verkoper uit dienst gaat en een nieuwe verkoper hem opvolgt, is de overdracht van klanten met Odoo standaard geregeld. Er gaan dus geen kostbare klant- en verkoopgegevens verloren!

No longer keep track of your customer data in Excel. Put that old-fashioned mailbox out of the door when it comes to an order confirmation. Make your salesperson happy with the enriched customer data that Odoo makes available. Engage a salesperson by giving them the right tools for success. contact so we can explain in detail how you don't miss a sales opportunity anymore! 

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Mis geen verkoopkansen!
Odoo Experts 10 augustus 2022
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