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Easily schedule appraisal calls and track employee performance.

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Odoo HR Appraisals Icon With the Odoo Appraisals you can optimize your internal business operations. Implement appraisal strategies to keep your employees' motivation and performance levels high .

The Odoo Appraisal App allows you to create Top Down or Bottom up evaluation plans and provide timely feedback and additions for performance.

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Assess regularly

Improve the most important part of your business: employees

Continuous improvement of the company starts with monitoring your employees. Schedule appraisal interviews and let employees make their own assessment first.

Create the right survey to collect your employees' answers. Compose your own templates or choose from the existing templates. Use different evaluation types: bottom-up, top-down, self-evaluations and manager's final evaluation. Let employees make self-assessments to be reviewed by others.

Automate your appraisals

Ensure evaluations are on schedule

Create assessment plans with a clear schedule to automatically generate an assessment interview request.

Specify which employee, department, or other hierarchical level can answer your surveys and let managers review the content and complete the evaluation.


Fully integrated with other Odoo Apps


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You store all HR information with the employees of your company. You can also manage the contracts concluded with the important date in Odoo.


Odoo Expenses

Expenses incurred by employees can easily be submitted and paid by the company.



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Start recruiting new employees from Odoo. Create vacancies, receive applications and hire new colleagues.


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In preparation for the assessment interview, you can draw up a digital Survey and have it answered online. A convenient starting point for your conversation.