About us

Wij zijn Odoo Experts; Experts in Odoo


Odoo Experts was founded in 2012 by and has been the largest Odoo partner in the Netherlands for years and worldwide we are even in the top 10 of the largest Odoo partners. Something we are very proud of. We distinguish ourselves through our practical and direct approach. We respond quickly, do not shy away from discussion and provide solutions.

Every day we help our customers with the implementation of Odoo or with the daily use of Odoo. We see a lot of different companies every week and we know that running a company is not always that simple. You will have to deal with many different business processes, a mountain of administration and on top of that an abundance of financial responsibilities. In addition, everything must work as efficiently and quickly as possible. Not simple. But we can help you with that.

We specialize in Odoo: the all-in-1 ERP system for all your business processes. The use of different (read: clumsy) software packages is therefore no longer necessary. With Odoo you streamline the management of your company, allowing you to work more efficiently and clearly.

We would therefore be happy to discuss with you how we can best help you and your company. We think along with you and give honest advice. We listen to your wishes and use our knowledge to grow your company. Furthermore, we like to keep it simple, because why make it difficult if it can be done easily?

Our Experts

Erwin van der Ploeg - Solution Architect bij Odoo Experts

Erwin van der Ploeg
Solution Architect

Working with Odoo and coming up with solutions for customers is what gives me energy. 'Make it simple' is my motto. You can always make things complicated ;)

Bert Burggraaf - Sales manager bij Odoo Experts

Bert Burggraaf
Sales Manager

Our customers should deal with their primary processes; the production of products and / or services. The software required for this must connect seamlessly to the daily routine. Please contact me if you want to know more.

Bastiaan de Keijzer - Consultant bij Odoo Experts

Bastiaan de Keijzer
Odoo Consultant

My name is Bastiaan and I think it's a challenge to master a business process in a relatively short period of time and to connect Odoo to it. I am convinced that a process can only be optimized if you know the process well.

Nienke Troost
Odoo Consultant

My financial and strategic expertise enable me to see and maximize strengths within organizations and to implement points for improvement, so that the potential can be optimally realized.

Berry Meijer - Project manager bij Odoo Experts

Berry Meijer

The intersection of processes, people and technology is an exciting playing field. My challenge is to find an optimal combination between these three components for your unique organization.

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Odoo Consultant


Marc Rose - Consultant bij Odoo Experts

Marc Rose

Odoo Consultant

An ERP implementation requires adaptability within a company. I enjoy engaging and positively influencing users, with ease of use and optimization of processes being prioritized. Together we keep it simple, efficient and create progress.

Ben jij de nieuwe consultant bij Odoo Experts?

Odoo Consultant


Ruchir Shukla - Lead developer bij Odoo Experts

Ruchir Shukla
Lead Developer

What Odoo can do by default, I can make that. I have been part of this team since the foundation of Odoo Experts. From India I work daily with my colleagues to make Odoo even better for our customers.

Jimeet Darji - Development manager bij Odoo Experts

Jimeet Darji
Development Manager

Software development is a profession in itself and requires thorough planning. I maintain daily contact with the consultants and ensure that all (technical) questions and Odoo adjustments are processed in a timely manner.

Susan van der Ploeg - Office manager bij Odoo Experts

Susan van der Ploeg
Office Manager

I am Susan and I am the centipede within this company. I make sure that everyone can work optimally.

It is a challenge for me to get the best out of our team.

Will this be your place? 😉

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