Best Starting Odoo Partner EMEA

Odoo Experts wins Odoo Award

Best Starting Partner

During the Odoo Experience 2016, although nominated, they were unexpectedly chosen as the best starting Odoo partner of 2016.

Odoo presents these awards every year to the partners that best represent Odoo's values and vision. The award emphasizes the importance of close cooperation between partners, customers and the Odoo community. This ceremony is designed to reward successful companies and recognize the important role partners play in Odoo's growth and continued success.. 

Erwin van der Ploeg met de Odoo Award Best Starting Partner

Assessment criteria for the Award are: turnover, growth, involvement, advocacy, mentality and customer relations.

Although we have been very active with Odoo for 5 years and have already helped many companies, we have only been a partner since 2015. Thanks to this partnership and the help of Odoo, Odoo Experts has been able to develop further.

We are very proud that our hard work over the past years is recognized with this award.

Best Starting Odoo Partner EMEA
Erwin van der Ploeg October 8, 2016
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