A Look Back at a Phenomenal 2023

Success stories from Odoo and Odoo Experts

2023 was a year full of dynamic growth and remarkable achievements for both Odoo and Odoo Experts. We are happy and proud to witness Odoo's growth and further innovation up close. We already saw this potential 12 years ago, when Odoo Experts was founded.

We have also had a wonderful year. We have been able to maintain our leading position and are still proudly at the top as No. 1 Odoo Gold partner. And we are rightly very proud of that.

Let's dive deeper into the highlights of Odoo and Odoo Experts.

Odoo: Pioneering and Global Expansion

1. Launch of Odoo 17: A new era in enterprise software
The introduction of Odoo 17 on the Odoo Experience was a game-changer. This version brought revolutionary features such as advanced AI integrations and improved user-friendliness, allowing companies to operate even more efficiently. Read our blog for all the new features of Odoo 17

2. Global Growth: New offices worldwide

Odoo's expansion with new offices in Belgium, New York, Milan and Dubai symbolizes its ambition to make an even greater impact worldwide. These strategic locations strengthen Odoo's presence in key markets.

3. 'Enterprise Application Innovator of the Year'
This prestigious award highlights Odoo's pioneering role in developing innovative solutions for enterprises, recognizing its leadership in technological innovation. Read about the Odoo Award here.

4. Strengthened Partnership with KPMG
The expansion of the partnership with KPMG in Belgium is a strategic move that underlines the power of Odoo's software in business transformations. Read more about the collaboration with Odoo and KPM here.

5. Investment of €150 Million by General Atlantic
This significant investment is a vote of confidence in Odoo's growth potential and underlines its role as a leading player in the world of enterprise software. Read more about the investments in Odoo here.

6. Podcast 'Planet Odoo': Knowledge sharing and community building
With 'Planet Odoo', Odoo offers a unique platform for sharing insights and strengthening the community around Odoo experts and users. Here you will find the Odoo Podcasts.

7. Team Growth: A Milestone of 3000+ Employees
Growth to over 3,000 employees reflects Odoo's success and commitment to creating a diverse and talented team.

Odoo Experts: Local growth and successes

In the shadow of Odoo's international triumphs, Odoo Experts has had a particularly impressive year. With strategic developments, team expansion and recognized achievements, we have firmly positioned ourselves as a leader in the Dutch market and are strengthening our position in the Dutch Caribbean. Below, we explore the key moments that made 2023 so memorable for Odoo Experts.

1. New office: Room for ambitious growth
Our recent office expansion is a strategic step to accommodate our growing team and increase our capacity for future projects. 

Odoo Experts Office Reception

2. Team Expansion: Five New Talented Colleagues
The addition of five new colleagues to our team has broadened our expertise and enriched our services, allowing us to serve our customers even better.

3. Expansion in the Caribbean
Started in February with an Odoo Roadshow in Oranjestad, Aruba, which has laid a foundation for further expansion in the Caribbean. Our growth in the Caribbean highlights our ability to provide customized solutions in diverse markets and regions.

Odoo Roadhow Aruba - Erwin van der Ploeg and Mark Scheffel

4. Strategische Focus: Een Duidelijke Koers
The development of a clear strategy based on our mission and vision has helped us to achieve our goals more effectively and better support our customers. Read our here. mission and vision.

5. Implementing OKRs: Towards a Goal-Oriented Organization
By implementing OKRs, we have introduced a strong focus on results and transparency into our work processes, which contributes to our efficiency and effectiveness.

6. New Slogan: 'Creativity to Simplify Complexity'
Our new slogan reflects our creative approach to tackling complex challenges and simplifying them, an essential part of our services.

Odoo Experts Logo and Slogan

7. We will also be No. 1 Odoo Gold Partner Netherlands
And don't let anything fool you 😉. Odoo Experts is the 5th year in a row Odoo Gold Partner with the most implementations. Odoo Gold Partner with the most implementation.

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A Look Back at a Phenomenal 2023
Erwin van der Ploeg December 19, 2023
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