How do I choose the best Odoo Hosting?

Odoo Enterprise can be hosted on 3 different platforms: Odoo Online, (dedicated cloud) or on-premise using your infrastructure. Let's compare the pros and cons of each platform to help you find the option that best suits your business.

Odoo Online - The simplest solution

Odoo Online is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. Within a few seconds and a few clicks, your cloud installation is ready and ready to use. Odoo Online even comes with a preset email server!

The biggest advantage of Odoo Online is its simplicity. You never have to worry about the technical aspects because Odoo takes care of everything. Odoo monitors the platform 24/7 to ensure that Odoo always performs well. If your company grows, Odoo will scale up with you. Of course, backups are well organized and bug fixes and security updates are implemented automatically.

Every day, Odoo makes a full backup of your database(s) and they are replicated on at least 3 different machines on different continents. From your database control center, you can download all your backups from the last 3 months. You can also easily duplicate your production database for a temporary test environment, which can be very useful when implementing new features. Odoo Online has a Cloud Service-Level Agreement. Odoo guarantees 99.9% uptime (excluding scheduled maintenance).

On Odoo Online, you can only install standard Odoo apps and not third-party or custom apps. Default apps are the apps developed, maintained and upgraded by Odoo SA. Small adjustments, such as adjusting screens or reports, are possible by using Odoo Studio.

Odoo Online - Manage your database

Odoo also offers upgrades to the latest Odoo version for all apps you are using. All additional services (hosting, maintenance, support, backups, upgrades) are included in the price of Odoo Online. With Odoo Online, your costs are predictable.

​Odoo On premises - Endless possibilities

Odoo Enterprise can also be installed on its server or on a rented server from Odoo Experts. When you use Odoo On-Premises, you have full control and autonomy of your installation. That is why you can use all the available apps, and you can also implement your customization. We do not recommend installing Odoo yourself, and we advise you to call in Odoo Experts for this. Are you looking for Odoo Hosting, don't hesitate contact us for information and advice.  

We recommend installing Odoo on your server if you have special wishes regarding security, scalability, or performance. We also recommend your server when connecting (interfaces) with other software via the Odoo API. When using the API on Odoo Online or you can run into performance limits, which you cannot influence. Your server is the best solution for this.

Being with your server, the possibilities are endless, but you do need a lot of technical knowledge to set up a good infrastructure. With your server, you have to think about;

  • One or more servers in a cluster
  • Setting up DTAP environment

  • Updates from Odoo

  • Install a reverse proxy

  • Linking email servers and domains

  • Install SSL certificate

  • Making backups

  • Tuning Odoo

  • The tune of the PostgreSQL database

  • Etc. - The best of both worlds is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) operated by Odoo SA. With, you can deploy your cloud platform in just a few clicks. also comes with an e-mail server, but you can also use your own e-mail server. is made for custom Odoo implementations. You can easily install all standard Odoo apps, but also all third-party apps available in the Odoo apps store.

Plus, you'll find built-in tools to help you develop and test new apps and custom features, such as:

  • Integration with GitHub

  • An online editor

  • Continuous integration

  • Your own DTAP environment

  • Version management (track, fork, merge, etc ...)

  • Automated testing of every new commit

  • And more

The platform is managed by Odoo SA, and they guarantee the same Service-Level Agreement as that for Odoo Online, which is: 99.9% uptime. Odoo also makes a full incremental backup of your production environment every day. These backups are stored in 3 different data centers, on different continents, so you can download all backups from the last 3 months. possibilities allows you the flexibility to choose the best deployment architecture (number of employees, storage, and number of test environments) and you can easily adapt the configuration to your needs. You can scale the platform as your business grows!

The platform offers you the best of both worlds. The ease of use and maintenance of Odoo Online combined with the freedom of Odoo On-Premises.

We are very enthusiastic about the possibilities of and as a result, since 2019, we have delivered 90% of our customers on

Migration to another platform

Migrating from one platform to another is always an option. Odoo Experts has performed multiple migrations from Odoo Online to On-Premises or If you want to switch from Odoo Online to, for example,, feel free tocontact us for information and advice. 


Choosing your hosting environment is an important decision before implementing Odoo. You have the freedom to decide what suits you best. Odoo Online is the best solution if you are looking for standard software that is easy to install and maintain.

Using Odoo On-Premises is also an option, but you need to know what you're doing. If you want to use Odoo On-Premises without any technical knowledge, we strongly recommend that you contact us for advice. Finally, is the best option if you are looking for a customizable solution, with incredible tools for developers and without the hassle of system administration
Source: How to Choose Your Hosting Type

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How do I choose the best Odoo Hosting?
Erwin van der Ploeg April 15, 2020
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