Keep the reins as a company with Odoo!

With Odoo, you are in control as a company. Odoo Experts helps implement.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. In short: company software for planning people and machines within your organization. The goal of ERP is to use these resources efficiently to keep control.

An ERP system is an integrated software package in which different business processes are connected. It must ensure seamless integration from one department to another. A good ERP system must, among other things, ensure that you can make decisions based on the correct analyses because you have a real-time insight into the various processes.

An ERP system should prevent you from losing track of your company's financial and operational performance. Often this is the case when you're drowning in the spreadsheets and cat bells that hang around on your or on the desks. It is therefore important to map out the business processes when choosing the most suitable ERP system and to see at what point they touch and influence each other.

It is a misconception that only large companies need an ERP system to stay in control. Companies with a limited size can opt for an ERP system that has a modular design so that they can choose which apps are important to them. For example, only sales, administration and a webshop. Odoo is a modular ERP system where communication is an important part. Odoo ensures that processes become less complex and that there is a clear overview of the activities that are involved.

Odoo can grow with your business. The bigger a company, the greater the benefits. Odoo Experts is a Gold Partner and usually helps the larger companies with the implementation of their ERP system. That is where our strength lies.

​An ERP system is not a must, so always consider whether the costs you have to incur do not exceed the benefits of the system. We like to think along about the best solution at the lowest cost. Became curious? Call or mail us without obligation.

Erwin van der Ploeg

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Keep the reins as a company with Odoo!
Erwin van der Ploeg August 31, 2022
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