Odoo Experts expands in the Caribbean

Do you have IT talent and do you also speak a word of Spanish? Did you want to work on a tropical island as a child? Odoo Experts expands in Aruba.

Yes, you read that right. From Zaandam, Odoo Experts maintains warm contacts in the Caribbean. That may seem easy with those tropical temperatures, but it is hard work. The paradisiacal Caribbean islands are very attractive to tourists and the islands therefore have a thriving retail trade. Local entrepreneurs are looking for knowledge and expertise for various software solutions. As a Gold Partner of Odoo, Odoo Experts is the perfect partner. Also for cool assignments overseas.

The ERP software for SMEs

Tourism is an important sector in the Caribbean islands. There are mostly small and medium-sized SMEs active. Software is sometimes outdated, purchasing and stock have to be organized differently or there is a need to integrate different business processes with a new cash register system. With Odoo's ERP software, entrepreneurs on the Caribbean islands are also taking the step towards one integrated ERP package. No separate software tools for webshop and website. No Microsoft Excel for stock management or a separate accounting program. Everything works together in Odoo. From sales and customer management to purchasing, marketing and webshop. And that too at an affordable price. It is not for nothing that Caribbean entrepreneurs are enthusiastic about Odoo.

Not a word of Spanish

Okay, of course we mainly work from the Zaanse polder on the most beautiful Odoo implementations in the Caribbean. But we are always personally present at the start and at the completion of a project. In the beginning we want to get to know our customer well and form a picture of the people, the environment and the situation. In retail, there is a higher turnover of staff and we have to train a different type of person to use our software.

Arubans, Colombians, Mexicans… the mix of cultures on the Caribbean islands is inspiring. Did you know that the average Aruban speaks four languages? Dutch and Papiamento are the two official languages of Aruba, but you also hear a lot of English and Spanish. With the expansion of our international activities, we inspire our Odoo experts to also learn to speak a word of Spanish. We are a strong partner for our growing overseas customers who require knowledge and expertise. Odoo offers the best support in the field of CRM, sales, purchasing, production, stock, invoicing, accounting and the additional processes for SMEs. Then there is not a single word of Spanish.

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Odoo Experts expands in the Caribbean
Odoo Experts March 13, 2023
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