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You can now create your own Odoo App yourself

Do it yourself - Odoo now makes it possible

Odoo, the business management software, now features the all-new App: Odoo Studio. You can now easily build and adapt Odoo Apps yourself. This brand new Odoo App opens the software to new markets.

The first version of Odoo Studio is included in the currently available version 10 of Odoo. At the moment, version 2 has been released on Odoo's online platform and the App will be available to all users of Odoo with the release of Odoo version 11 (expected October 2017).


Anyone can now create a business app

With the intuitive user-friendly interface, creating an app is easy as ABC. With or without developers skills, the drag & drop blocks allow to add fields and options on any pre-existing views. This doesn’t mean that developers will not code anymore. On the contrary, Fabien Pinckaers, Odoo CEO explains: “It's a great tool for developers to prototype their apps, or quickly create the skeleton of a module”. Odoo Studio comes with a developer mode with extra features dedicated to developers: XML editor, technical features, etc.
On the other hand, Odoo Studio becomes handy in the case of customization, as any Odoo standard application can be changed. The user can install Studio and customize any app already installed in his database. Adding a field, changing a name, reorganizing menus… are easy to do in few minutes.

Odoo wouldn’t be Odoo without “Integration”

Odoo is known for having many applications in many fields, with all the data integrated through the whole system. Odoo Studio follows this same logic: any application created with Odoo Studio benefit from the features already existing by default in the system. Thanks to this, an existing Odoo database is automatically integrated with any brand new application build with Odoo Studio.

Odoo now can precisely fit any industry 

Odoo covers a wide range of business needs thanks to its 30 available standard apps. But some industries were still somehow left out because of their specific type of product or sales process. Now, more than ever, Odoo can fit everyone’s specific needs. Because the standard apps gather already 85% of all the business needs on the market, Odoo Studio allows to customize the apps and add details to it. The example for the Real Estate industry introduced in the Odoo Studio video is a good example. The new app allows to manage the sales of properties and lands. Something that Odoo hasn’t developed.

What will the future bring to Odoo? Fabien Pinckaers gives his thoughts: “If you have a better product for your customer, you will get more customers. Market will grow, we’ll be able to answer to new types of request and offer a wider range of solutions thanks to Odoo Studio.”

Source: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2017/03/prweb14135535.html

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Erwin van der Ploeg March 11, 2017
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