What is project management?

Hoe manage je efficiënt je projecten in Odoo?

What is project management?

Project management is managing projects. It is the way projects are organized, prepared, planned, executed and completed. Odoo Project Module helps to carry out the process of project management efficiently. Within Odoo projects, you can easily assign the entire project and the associated tasks to the project members.

How does Odoo Project App work?

The project app helps to plan and track the project tasks. The project manager creates the tasks and then assigns them to the project members. By using tags, you can easily filter the project tasks based on, for example, process name or the name of the department to which the task belongs. By assigning deadlines to the tasks, you can deliver tasks within the agreed time or take action at the right time when a task cannot be delivered within the agreed time.

Within large projects, you can choose to split the main tasks into smaller subtasks. These subtasks can also be assigned to an employee. To manage the whole of the tasks and the entire project, each task is divided into a phase. For example: new, to do, in progress and completed. The tasks can also be prioritized based on, for example, urgency. This way you always have a good overview of the tasks.

Registering the hours worked

Via the Odoo Timesheet module, employees can note the hours worked on the tasks. By entering the planned hours on a task, it is possible to compare the planned hours during the project with the actual hours worked. This way, the project manager can immediately see in which activities the hours are out of sync.

Both the employee himself and the project manager can print out the hours worked at any time and, if necessary, invoice part of the hours.

Project Planning

The tasks created within a project can easily be planned per project or per employee. For example, it is possible to make a schedule with the associated tasks for each employee. The tasks in a Gantt schedule can easily be dragged and dropped to another date or phase.

Different project types and billing

Odoo Project has a flexible working method with regard to project types. This way you can work on the basis of “fixed projects”. These types of projects are billable based on quantities ordered and billable projects.

The second method is the possibility to invoice for tasks based on the completed timesheet.

The third method is billing based on milestones. These quantities are invoiced based on the manually entered quantities on the sales order.

Full integration with other Apps

The Odoo Projects module is integrated with other modules such as sales, accounting, and timesheets. For example, it is also possible to create tasks from a sales order.

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What is project management?
Odoo Experts October 2, 2020
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