Voor Odoo Experts blijkt niets te gek

Met welk ERP-pakket professionaliseer jij je bedrijf? Open source, flexibel en tegen lagere licentiekosten? Lees waarom Saudi Crawford kiest voor Odoo Experts.

Saudi Crawford, based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is a manufacturer of industrial doors and entrance gates. The company is market leader, but outdated business processes stand in the way of further development and professionalization. The Dutch director Frank Achterbosch breathes new life into the company. How? With Odoo Experts from Zaandam, located 5,000 kilometers away.

“We are a successful company, but still based on an old model,” says Frank Achterbosch. “When I started two years ago, it quickly became clear to me that we had to look for a new ERP system. If I go to standard ERP-systems we are in a difficult process. The erp systems of the major software houses are all designed for standard manufacturing. Nothing is standard with us. Every door we make is custom made and differs in technical specifications, size and colour. In order to develop further professionally, our business processes need to be overhauled. But with which ERP-System can we do that?”

In detail

“After a short market research, we came across Odoo. An open source ERP package that offers flexibility and is very interesting from a price point of view because of the lower licensing costs. Odoo works with partners worldwide. Also in Riyadh. Nevertheless, our choice fell on Odoo Experts in Zaandam. They are Gold partners of Odoo and immediately understood what we are looking for. Even though the first appointments took place online due to distance and the restrictions in force due to Corona. As soon as possible, two professionals from Odoo Experts flew in. It gave us the opportunity to explain in detail what we wanted and Odoo Experts could see our business processes on site in Riyadh. We put together a project team on both sides that got to work. With weekly update meetings, Odoo Experts kept us informed of the work and progress.”

“In addition to sales, production, purchasing and installation, the entire service process also had to be accommodated in the ERP system. We have 20 service technicians that we manage on location. They must be able to easily order parts and send quotations without having to use a sheet of paper. We succeeded with Odoo. The technicians can carry out all work at the touch of a button on their mobile phone.”

24/7 insights

“The scope of the project has been completed. All our business processes are housed in Odoo," says Frank Achterbosch. "From the very first customer contact to installation, service and after sales, everything runs in Odoo. Recently we even have also migrated our website to Odoo. Previously, management had insufficient insight into processes and performance. Now we have 24/7 real-time insight into the entire company.”

Why match Riyhadh and Zaandam?

Odoo Experts understood what we wanted and they were able to convert everything into solutions. They quickly gained insight into our processes and challenges, which makes collaboration easy. They understand customer demand and translate this into the right solution. In IT you don't work with fixed prices, but on the basis of estimated hours. They did that professionally too. The total project was delivered within the pre-quoted number of hours. With Odoo, all business processes within Saudi Crawford have been redesigned. From sales, marketing and purchasing to production, installation, service and after sales. Nothing seems too crazy for Odoo Experts.”

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Voor Odoo Experts blijkt niets te gek
Odoo Experts 9 januari 2023
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