Odoo Accounting

A complete International accounting system linked to your purchase, sales, stock and projects..

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Odoo Accounting iconAll financial transactions come together in the Odoo accounting. From the clear dashboard, you have a direct overview of your entire financial administration. You can directly match the online linked bank and process your supplier invoices via scan and recognize.

Link the Odoo Expense app and pay the expenses submitted by the employees quickly and easily.

Everything you need

Bank synchronisation

Automatically sync your bank statements with your bank or import your bank statement files.


Create sharp and professional invoices, manage recurring invoices and check payments.

Manage invoices and expenses

Manage supplier invoices and get a clear forecast of future receivables.

Asset Management

Manage all your fixed assets and the depreciation tables. Odoo automatically creates the debit entries for you.

Deferred revenue

You can automatically divide sales invoiced in advance over several months in the financial year.

Deferred expenses

You can automatically divide costs invoiced in advance over several months in the financial year.

All currencies in the world are available and the rate is automatically synchronized
Dynamic reports
Dynamic ledger, balance sheet and profit and loss, where you can drill down to the underlying entries.

Sepa payment file and direct debit
Create payment files for the bank for payments, but also direct debits from your customers.
Payment Reminders
Send a payment reminder to your customers with just a few clicks.
Scan and Recognize

Receive your vendor bills by email and Odoo's scan and recognize OCR software automatically creates the invoice for you.


Fully integrated with other Odoo Apps


Odoo Sales Icon

From the sales app, you have a direct overview of the orders still to be invoiced. Sellers can create the invoices in draft before sending.


Odoo Purchase Icon

You first create a purchase order for all your orders. This makes processing the received invoice much easier.


Odoo Inventory Icon

The value of your inventory is automatically tracked in the bookkeeping. Not only the quantity, but also the value, is known.


Odoo Expense Icon

Employees can submit expenses. With a handy scan and recognition, the receipts are converted into a payment order.


Odoo Project Management Icon

Time spent on the tasks of projects can easily be invoiced to your customer. The margin on your project is immediately visible on the cost center.


Odoo Subscriptions Icon

Create subscriptions and let Odoo automatically create and send the invoices. You don't have to worry about it.


Odoo Rental Icon

If you rent out products, you can use the Rental app. Invoice your rental orders and your accounting is up to date.