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Inventory management software from Odoo for an optimal warehouse.

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Odoo Voorraad App Icon With Odoo's inventory control software you always have online insight into the current stock. You can improve your processing time through more efficient storage, automated replenishment actions (replenishment) and automatic replenishment rules.

Thanks to the registration of all stock movements, you can quickly see where products are located. Every inventory movement from purchase to warehouse to sales order is traceable. With real-time dynamic reports, personalized dashboards keep important information at your fingertips.

Odoo Voorraad - Wat zijn de voorraad mogelijkheden via Odoo Experts.

Inventory Control by Odoo

Scan your stock

Integrated stock scanning software. Scan all your stock movements. No separate software required.

Unlimited number of warehouses

Create all your warehouses in Odoo and have the stock automatically replenished between warehouses.

Stock locations

Give your locations a number and a barcode. With put away rules you determine what should be placed where.

Replenishment rules

Create replenishment rules for each warehouse and product and let Odoo automatically determine how your inventory should be replenished.


It is also possible to have your stock delivered directly by your suppliers.

Batch- and wavepicking

Create picking batches and collect multiple deliveries at once.

Full product tracking

Traceer elke voorraadmutatie met Odoos unieke voorraadbeheer met double-entry controle. Volg elke voorraadverplaatsing van inkoop naar magazijn tot verkooporder.

Traceer grote hoeveelheden serienummers in uw supply chain; waar ze zich ook bevinden.

Odoo Voorraad - Wat zijn de voorraad mogelijkheden via Odoo Experts.

Always Enough Stock

Never too little, never too much, but just enough stock

With the Odoo Inventory App you ensure the right amount of stock. It is important to keep the cost of storage as low as possible. An inventory surplus can sometimes mean that products have to be sold at a loss or that there is no room for other products.

On the other hand, there must be enough products in stock to meet customer needs. The Odoo Stock App ensures that with the right administration you can ensure this balance and thus keep the costs of storage as low as possible.


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Odoo verkoop icon

Vanaf je verkooporder heb je direct inzicht in de voorraad van je producten. Lever altijd op tijd met goed voorraadbeheer.


Odoo inkoop icon

Inkoopvoorstellen worden door Odoo automatisch gemaakt op basis van voorraadbehoefte. Maak op Order of Maak op voorraad, eenvoudig ingesteld.


Odoo boekhouding icon

De waarde van je voorraad geautomatiseerd in je boekhouding op basis van VVP, AVCO of FIFO. Direct inzicht in je bedrijfsresultaat.


Odoo E-commerce icon

Verkopen je producten via de Odoo webshop en geef je bezoekers direct inzicht van de voorraad van je producten.