Avoid 3 pitfalls with 1 Odoo expert

Implement Odoo yourself? Discover 3 important pitfalls you avoid with Odoo Experts. Technical director Mark Scheffel explains it to you in this blog.

"Can I implement Odoo myself?" "Yes, with one clear caveat", says Mark Scheffel, Technical Director of Odoo Experts. "If you want to avoid 3 important pitfalls, choose a partner like Odoo Experts."

“The only person I say a resounding 'yes' to is a small self-employed entrepeneur who doesn't want to invest large sums in IT,” says Mark Scheffel. “If you are a small entrepreneur with simple business processes and you want to set up your CRM, sales, stock and accounting, then the standard solutions from Odoo offers everything you need. With the clear instructional videos and training courses from Odoo you will manage to set up your business processes yourself. Are you an entrepreneur active in the larger SME segment and do more complex business processes require more investment in your IT? Then choose an Odoo partner such as Odoo Experts. We get the most out of Odoo for you and make custom solutions where necessary, so that you can trust that your company can rely on the Odoo ERP 24/7.”

Which three?

“There are three main pitfalls when implementing Odoo if you have no experience with Odoo,” explains Mark Scheffel. “First, the installation of third-party apps. They seem financially attractive, look professional, but in practice the apps do not always work together in Odoo. Secondly, various technical issues are an obstacle. Like importing data for example. It seems simple, but if you don't know in detail how everything works and how everything is connected, an incorrectly filled in field can cause information to appear on your invoice or website that you don't want there. In third place is Odoo's vision. Odoo has a different view on business processes than most other ERP software. A big pitfall is that you will always adapt Odoo to your existing business processes instead of the other way around. Often it is better to organize your business processes more efficiently. An Odoo partner such as Odoo Experts shows you how Odoo can play a starring role for your company in this.”

Get 10 years of experience with Odoo Experts

“With Odoo Experts you get more than ten years of Odoo experience. 'Do-it-yourself' seems attractive, but if your business has to run on Odoo and something goes wrong, who intervenes and how? If you can fall back on a team of experienced Odoo Experts, that is not only very reassuring, but crucial for the continuity of your company. You don't redesign the automation in your company every day. That takes a professional. Implement Odoo? Do it with the experts at Odoo Experts.”

Avoid 3 pitfalls with 1 Odoo expert
Odoo Experts February 13, 2023
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