Bastiaan and Berry are no yes-men

"The customer hires us to come up with the best solution, a yes-man is of no use to them."

The versatility. That is what appeals to both men. Senior Odoo consultant Bastiaan de Keijzer and project manager Berry Meijer of Odoo Experts. “There hasn't been a week when we thought, 'we're on the repeat tour'. With Odoo it can always be different.”

“Our customers want to grow and make their business processes more professional,” says Berry. “We recognize that because we are experiencing that growth ourselves. Our roots lie in smaller SMEs, but Odoo Experts has developed into a serious partner for companies with more than a hundred employees. That requires a different approach from us. Not just one consultant on a project, but the deployment of a project team with different areas of expertise.”

“Odoo Experts works for clients with three employees, but also for clients with 150 employees,” says Bastiaan. “With each customer, we take on an entirely different challenge with the same ERP package, and we adapt Odoo to the company.” “Customers are entering more and more information from their business processes into Odoo,” adds Berry. “They are moving away from small point solutions and are making the step towards one integrated ERP package with Odoo. Odoo is fast becoming the ERP package for SMEs.”

“What all customers have in common is that they are looking for a solution. Software is outdated or entering purchase orders is too slow. We always first find out the reason for purchasing a new ERP package. Is Odoo suitable for the problem outlined? What do they hope to achieve with Odoo? It offers us insight into which business processes we can provide with Odoo and which business processes require additional customization. The customer hires us to come up with the best solution, a yes-man is no use.”

“Enthusiasm is quickly noticeable," says Bastiaan. "Odoo looks friendly, it's easy to get started and results are quickly visible. But the button and ready? That's not how it works, either. For maximum results, we work with a project team on our side, together with a client project team. For every hour we put in, you as a customer put in double the number of hours. You don't redesign the automation in your company every day. That takes a professional. Implement Odoo? That is why you do this together with the experts of Odoo Experts.”

Bastiaan and Berry are no yes-men
Odoo Experts January 26, 2023
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