Marketing Automation in Odoo

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a collection of tools that makes it possible to approach potential customers automatically with the aim of converting them into customers.

In this blog, we would like to tell you about the applicability of Odoo's Marketing Apps. If you don't know Odoo yet, read first; What is Odoo?

There are many online tools that can help you with your marketing. But all these tools are often standalone and have no integration with the other business software. The marketeers typically work completely independently of the rest of the organization, and that is not always convenient. Odoo's vision is precisely to integrate everything to achieve the greatest possible efficiency. This is because data is easy to combine and share. Because every employee works with the same software, it is easier to learn and transfer information. But what exactly is Marketing Automation, and how can Odoo help you with this?

Odoo Marketing Automation Procesflow

There are several goals in marketing and depending on your own goals, you use different means. For example, you can focus on increasing your brand awareness, collecting leads or boosting website sales. You can use Marketing Automation for all these goals.

Je begint met het delen van waardevolle informatie of start bijvoorbeeld een betaalde Google-campagne. Hierdoor kun je bedrijf beter gevonden worden. Jouw informatie maakt het interessant genoeg om de lead zijn of haar e-mailadres met je te delen. Zodra een potentiële klant zijn of haar e-mailadres met je heeft gedeeld, kun je hem of haar geautomatiseerd gaan benaderen.

You approach a potential customer in a subtle way. You now only have his / her e-mail address, but the ultimate goal is to convert the lead into a sale. This process of enticing the lead to become a customer is called Lead Nurturing.

Sales funnel, from lead to customer

What is lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing is the process of seducing a lead so that he or she will buy your product or service.

But how do you get a visitor to your website to share his/her e-mail address with you? It's actually very simple, you share something valuable in exchange for the e-mail address. But people don't just do that nowadays. So, you have to think carefully about what a visitor to your website is looking for. You call that a Call-to-Action. You want the visitor to take an action, and this action is: "Give me your email address or phone number" 😉.

Note: You must ask nicely if you can use the telephone number or e-mail address for marketing activities.

You can automatically approach the customers via e-mail. You can send them more valuable information, such as a follow-up to your e-book or a coupon for a purchase. But who do you send what, and who do you perhaps call personally? Which lead is 'warm' and which one is even 'hot'? You can use Lead Scoring for this.

Lead scoring

What is Lead Scoring?

With lead scoring, you can assign a value to potential customers to estimate the value of your lead.

For example, you can assign points to the pages of your website that the lead visited, or, for example, which marketing campaign led the lead to your website. But instead of just an email, you can also ask for more information, such as company size or interests.

You can then assign a score to this. If a lead reaches a certain score, you can approach it personally and stop the automated process. It's time to bring in the customer!

Marketing automation in Odoo

Odoo integrates all your processes in one simple solution. So you can also manage all your marking activities in Odoo. The integration of all Odoo Apps allows you to set up your marketing campaigns very effectively. Visitors to your website will follow you and convert them into a lead.

Lead Nurturing starts with you including the lead in a marketing campaign from Odoo's Marketing Automation App. You entice the lead to visit your website more often. You follow that visitor and assign points to it with Lead Scoring. Not only that, but you convert leads into prospects and follow them in your Sales Funnel. Furthermore, you assign the expected turnover, success rate and expected closing date.

Sales managers thus have direct insight into the entire pipeline and sales forecast.


​You don't get customers, you have to earn them! You have to do your best to convert the visitor to your website into a paying customer. Furthermore, you cannot contact every visitor personally. But you do want to convert that visitor into a customer. How do you do that effectively?

Use Marketing Automation for this. With marketing automation, you can create useful marketing campaigns and send visitors automated messages and pamper them, we call this Lead Nurturing. Your valuable leads will automatically get to the top of the list by automatically qualifying them (Lead Scoring). 

With Odoo you can effectively organize these marketing campaigns so that you can achieve more with less time. Odoo Marketing Automation is integrated with:

We at Odoo Experts are happy to help you set up the marketing automation process to help you win new customers! 

All possibilities of Odoo

  • Generate leads from your Odoo website
  • Add a score to your leads
  • Start email campaigns to your leads
  • Convert your lead into a prospect
  • Keep a grip on your sales pipeline and sales forecast
  • Convert your prospect into a customer
  • ​Sales via webshop or direct sales

Tip: Your lead is now a customer, but don't forget to pamper your customer too 😊. Make it an iterative process. You occasionally send him/her new valuable information, and you start the process again.

Marketing Automation in Odoo
Berry Meijer July 6, 2020
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