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Put your customer first, follow leads, close deals and gain insight into your sales pipeline.

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Odoo CRM App Icon With the Odoo CRM App you register all your contacts with your leads, sales opportunities and customers. Using the Kanban view, you have a clear overview of all your sales opportunities and in which phase of the pipeline they are.

In addition, the sales opportunities can easily be divided into sales to existing customers and new business. The clear traffic light signals make it possible to see at a glance whether there are follow-up activities related to the sales opportunity. As a result, sales opportunities can never fall between two stools.

Odoo CRM - What are the CRM possibilities through Odoo Experts.

Get more done in less time

Great tools = happy people

Automate activities based on sales scripts: telephone calls, appointments, mailing and quotations. Get all the information you need. Which webpage has the customer viewed, received mail and more.

Real-Time overview in your sales pipeline

Know exactly how you're performing compared to your monthly goals. Organize your tasks according to the following scheduled activities.

Stay in touch with your customers

Get a quick overview of what's going on within your team. See exactly when a colleague logs a call or sends a message. Share ideas and files in real time and catch up on things you missed while you were away.

Automate your marketing activities

Marketing automation

Automatically message your leads and sales opportunities and entice them to become customers.

Email marketing

Create beautiful email campaigns and send them to a selection of your leads.

Odoo CRM

Improve contact with your customers

With the Odoo CRM App, it is possible to improve customer engagement, anticipate the customer journey and discover ways to better meet customer needs than the competition.

CRM extends across various customer management systems such as sales, service, and marketing. It streamlines your business processes and links customer data to help you build relationships, increase productivity and improve customer interaction. With the Odoo CRM App, your sales team can find, prioritize and provide insights when engaging with customers.


Fully integrated with other Odoo Apps


Odoo Verkoop App Icon

Create sales orders, deliveries and invoices for your products and/or services. Let your customer approve your quote online and you can start immediately.

Email marketing

Odoo E-Mail Marketing App Icon

Design beautiful email campaigns and send them to your own selections of contacts. Measure the effect of your campaign and convert leads. 


Odoo Facturatie App Icon

From lead, to opportunity, to quotation, to order, to invoice. In 5 clicks of a chance to an invoice. How cool is that!



Odoo Website App Icon

Create a website, without technical knowledge. Drag and drop the Odoo building blocks and create a website in no time.