Software package sprawl is not your fault!

Software package sprawl is not your fault! Finds Odoo Experts.

You can recognize the proliferation of software packages when a different software package has to be started for each part of the business process. A separate accounting package, CRM package, ERP, eCommerce and so on. ERP, eCommerce enzovoort.

In order to gain an advantage, the packages are sometimes tied together as if they have the same blood type. It is of course not a family and for that reason we are not in favor of linking separate packages with each other; APIs are not the holy grail for us. With a daily synchronization and export of data, the chances of errors increase with all the consequences for, for example, stock management and orders via your website.

The majority of our clients already have a software package, but they can no longer do what they want with it. The software they have is very outdated and is no longer supported by their software vendor. Some also work with Excel in combination with an accounting package. In short: they have lasted a long time, but it will eventually stop. The business software is no longer scalable, which means that your business growth is stagnating.

How we work

The customer tells us what he or she wants and we indicate which tool (Odoo) can be used. We choose the apps based on the requirements and wishes of the customer. For this we first conduct preliminary research (what do you have now and where do you want to go). We then make a project plan, the budget and finally take care of the implementation.

Vaak zijn het grote veranderingen voor medewerkers. Training is daarom een vast onderdeel van het implementatietraject. Wij helpen gebruikers graag bij de verandering in hun dagelijks werk, zodat dit soepel verloopt en hun werk eenvoudiger en leuker wordt.

Our passion is completing projects and not writing as many hours as possible. So wrap it up and start again on the next challenge: making customers happy and successful. Call or email us for a free demo.

Erwin van der Ploeg

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Software package sprawl is not your fault!
Odoo Experts 22 June, 2022
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