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What's new about Odoo 15 Accounting?
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Odoo has a complete bookkeeping that is suitable for Dutch companies. Year after year, Odoo continues to expand it and Odoo can compete with the niche packages, but fully integrated with all your other processes. 

It is important that Odoo (finally) supports 15 UBL invoices, but support has also been added for fiscal units, to be able to file consolidated VAT returns.

UBL Invoicing

You can now send UBL invoices to all customers. You can enable this on the sales journal.

Enable UBL invoicing in the accounting journal

Fiscal VAT unit

To process multiple companies in the VAT return, it is now possible to define fiscal units. A fiscal unity is a group of companies for which the VAT return is submitted jointly.

A maximum of one fiscal unity can be defined per country. With a fiscal unity, there is an option available on the VAT return report to enable the companies and display its contents. The VAT reports now only allow multiple companies when using fiscal units.

Set up fiscal unit

Improved aging analysis

On the aging analysis of suppliers and customers, when using multiple currencies, the amounts are now shown in the original currency and the base currency of the company

You can now exclude intercompany obligations from the age analyses. For each debtor and creditor account, it can be configured to exclude it from the relevant report.

Excluding accounts from the aging analysis

General Terms and Conditions

You can print the sales conditions on the PDF, but now it is also possible to add a link to a page on your website.

Setup Terms and Conditions

Mollie Payment Provider

Mollie payment provider is added. Mollie is a major payment provider in Europe and is known for offering multiple payment methods through a single provider.

Support for the Mollie payment provider

Multiple payment providers per journal

It is now possible to record transactions from multiple payment providers in the same journal. For each journal, you can indicate which payment methods and providers are available.

Multiple payment providers per journal

Bank/cash suspense accounts

The suspense accounts for payments in transit can now be set up centrally in the accounting settings. These do not have to be set per journal.

Setup Bank/cash  suspense accounts

Deferred Expenses

You can now make a booking of obligations that you enter into before you have received the supplier invoice. From the purchase order, you can make a booking and set when Odoo should automatically reverse it.

Deferred Expensesboeking vanaf een inkooporder

SAF-T Audit report

Odoo adds support for the SAF-T Audit file. Several European countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium, currently have their own format, but that may soon change. 

Separate email template for credit invoices

Until now, there was only one invoice email template. To make it easier to work, a new template has been added for credit invoices.

Scan-and-recognize sales invoices

The OCR scan-and-recognize feature is now also available for customer invoices and customer credit notes. The operation is exactly the same as for supplier invoices.

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Odoo 15 Accounting
Erwin van der Ploeg September 26, 2021
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