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What's new in Odoo 15 Point of Sale?
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Odoo Point of Sale

The Odoo POS (Point of Sale) has been expanded with frequently requested features. Payment terminals have been added, customers can order on account and notes can be added to the receipt.

The Odoo cash register is really a very good solution for many shops. Where can you find a cash register system that is integrated with your entire ERP system?

The Odoo checkout is active at 12 locations in the Caribbean. Water sports items are settled daily with Odoo Kassa. Read our success story at Budget Marine.

Opening and closing the point of sale

The checkout check at the opening and closing of the session has been modified and now takes place in the POS user interface. The advanced checkout is no longer a setting that must be activated by the user in the configuration, but a calculated field based on the presence of a cash payment method. The cash check is now mandatory.

Odoo - Opening and closing the point of sale

Add notes to your POS orders and print them on the receipt

In some cases, the seller must add a note to an order line that must appear on the sales receipt. For that, Odoo has added a field to the order line to set a note. The note is also added to the invoice if the order is invoiced.

Odoo - Add notes to your POS orders

Pay for a previously placed order via the POS

In the previous versions of Odoo, there was no possibility to pay a sales order at the point of sale without re-entering each line of the sales order at the point of sale. Therefore, in Odoo 15, the possibility has been added to make a deposit on the sales order from the point of sale or to pay the sales order in full. The payment is updated on the sales order.

Odoo - Pay for a previously placed order at the point of sale

Process returned products now

The processing of returns on the checkout has been added.

Odoo - Process returned products now

Gift/credit card support

The register now supports creating and paying with gift cards.

Odoo - Gift/Credit card support

View more detailed information about a product

A new product information pop-up has been added, for viewing more detailed information about a product.

Odoo - View more detailed information about a product

It is now easier to sell a product with multiple options

Via the new product information view, you can easily select variants and add optional products to the order.

Odoo Point of Sale Product Configurator

Support for the Worldline payment terminal

Odoo 15 now supports Worldline terminals with the IoT Box.

Let customers buy on account

You can now choose to have the customer pay on account. The customer can pay for the order later on the cash register via a separate screen.

Odoo - Let customers buy on account

Cash in or out of the point of sale

In previous versions, this was only possible via the backend. Now it is also possible to withdraw cash from the point of sale via the frontend.

Odoo - Cash in or out of the point of sale

The Odoo point of sale now starts up much faster

To start up the POS faster, 100 customers are loaded as standard. When the session is open, the register continues to load all remaining customers in the background. In the meantime, you can use the 'Load customers' button to load customers from the database.

Furthermore, all starred (favorite) products, all services, recent stock movements of products, and most recently updated products are loaded by default. When the session is open, the POS continues to load all remaining products in the background. In the meantime, you can click on the 'database icon' in the search bar to load products from the database.

Sell products in a package

The cash register now supports product packaging with different barcodes. This has made it possible to display a product with more than one barcode.

Better insight into the margin of your cash register orders

A margin has been added to both Order and Order Line, giving the user a better view of their profitability. Margin has also been added as a measure to the orders report.

Subsequent delivery of products

In the previous version, when you sold products through the checkout, the stock was immediately updated as soon as the order was completed or the checkout session was closed. However, in some cases the product is not in stock in the store and delivery must be scheduled. That is now possible in Odoo version 15.

Odoo - Subsequent delivery of products


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Odoo 15 Point of Sale
Erwin van der Ploeg September 22, 2021
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