Bioseutica uses Odoo to better serve its customers!

Bioseutica makes innovative and progressive ingredients for applications in food and pharmaceuticals, among others. You have probably already come into contact with these 'invisible heroes'. For example, they provide an antibacterial component for your throat lozenge and they are responsible for ensuring that your glass of beer remains free from nasty critters that ruin the taste.

Bioseutica uses various applications to support the daily processes. With the desire to work more integrated in a total solution, they came to Odoo.​

Odoo Experts was allowed to supervise the project. Initially, it was decided to close the 'gap' in the current applications, namely the central recording of all communication and agreements with the customer base. For this we have CRM, Sales, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation and Document management deployed.

A special aspect of Bioseutica is that the company consists of three underlying entities, each of which has its own focus area. Moreover, the 70 employees are geographically spread over the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Canada and Brazil. This leads to different wishes, which are sometimes difficult to capture in a standard package. Odoo Studio (Odoo's "customization app") came to the rescue. Various adjustments were made quickly and cost-effectively to optimally organize the sales pipeline for all users. 

Looking back on this project, the following factors were decisive for a successful implementation:

  • Clear scope ("what are we doing"; but also:"what are we not doing yet")

  • Well-informed and committed project staff

  • Constructive and pleasant communication

  • Eye for the future

By focusing on creativity and refraining from extensive customization, Bioseutica was able to go live within 3 months. An additional advantage is that the adjustments made in Odoo Studio automatically migrate to new Odoo versions in the future.

Bioseutica uses Odoo to better serve its customers!
Odoo Experts June 13, 2021
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