Turner makes major efficiency change thanks to Odoo

Turner Engine Controls was founded in 2005 with headquarters in Hoofddorp. The company's mission was to distribute, service and retrofit reliable, efficient, low-emission and high-performance energy management products for various applications. Turner Engine Control also provided aftermarket repair, replacement and other support services for Woodward installed products.

The main reason for Turner to choose Odoo was its flexibility, scalability and enabling integrated, remote and online facilitation of running Turner's key activities at any time, from any location and monitoring performance.

Turner Workshop

The underlying motivation was to replace the current systems and to structure data and information that makes it available to people and other systems everywhere in the organization. 

The need to properly structure data and information was also partly due to the need for automation in the Finance department. Until the arrival of Odoo, Finance did quite a few activities in different systems, with many extra checks and manual and duplication of work. The payment process, bank reconciliation, vendor bill processing, exchange process, timesheets have been identified as such areas..

Turner Office

However, reporting activities due to the lack of integrated systems that enable proper reporting can also be identified as extremely time-consuming activities. 

This labor-intensive way of working is due to the inability of the systems to capture, process and control the activities in the desired way. 

The most enduring challenge was the lack of available employees, not only for the project, but there was a chronic shortage of people in the department. The other challenge was as the company operates in different countries, off and online locations, multilingual and currencies, different core business per location, intercompany transactions and many other local challenges that needed to be solved.

The deliverables:

1) Odoo has fulfilled the local need per entity (i.e. system availability / language / currency).
2) Within Odoo, the requirements of the processes per value stream that must be facilitated are met.
3) Odoo to all business units within the same accounting principle, i.e. Anglo-Saxon throughout the organization for management information.
4) Registration profit realization (i.e. Seesaw per value stream if applicable).
5) Segmentation of resource usage (i.e. cost types per hour / attendance in timesheet.
6) Inventory Valuation (i.e. FIFO/Value of Inventory to reflect actual value).
7) Internal and external reporting requirements (i.e. performance real time / margin analysis (P&L per project or analysis) / pre- and post-calculations analysis).
8) ISO compliant.

The project is now live, and the Finance team is fully trained. Turner expects major efficiency benefits from the Odoo implementation in the short term.

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Turner makes major efficiency change thanks to Odoo
Odoo Experts December 27, 2021
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